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If you’re looking to be inspired by breathtaking, jaw-dropping photography then you’ve come to the right place! Babak is a photographer who consistently puts out high quality, reliable images incorporating his particular artistic style in all his compositions. Whether it be it urban, architecture, land or seascapes this artist delivers everytime!

Babak's Bio

Babak's interest in photography started when he was still in school. He joined the photographic club and soon got his own film SLR. This partnership carried on (on and off) for many years until 2001 when he bought his first digital camera, and has not looked back since. "The digital process is an ever-changing one and the learning process goes on and I suspect and hope that it will never end." Babak credits a lot of what he has learned to the Internet and sites such as Flickr.

Beyond capturing a moment, the feel and atmosphere of a place, Babak chases the light. Being aware of light is a very important aspect of a shot and makes the biggest single difference to his personal satisfaction of a photograph. When photographing a landscape or seascape, he tries to produce a shot which portrays an unusual and unexpected perspective and feel of the place. This often backfires and can be frustrating, but is always a stimulating and enjoyable process, which is after all the reason why Babak continues to take photographs. Babak always shoots RAW and uses PS for post production. Each shot is unique and often irreproducible, even by Babak himself.

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