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Mary Beth Janssen

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Mary Beth is a highly respected Wellness and Beauty Educator, certified MindBody Health educator and the author of six books. She also pens her regular column, "Ask the Organic Beauty Expert", for Organic Spa Magazine.

Mary Beth Janssen's Bio

Mary Beth Janssen is a highly respected wellness and beauty educator who teaches experiential mind-body health, sustainability and organic lifestyle seminars, workshops, and retreats. She speaks at prestigious events worldwide and has shared the same stage with the likes of Dr. Mehmet Oz, Bob Greene, and Suze Orman, amongst others. She’s a certified mind-body health/Ayurveda educator for the Chopra Center for Well-Being—personally trained by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and partner David Simon M.D. She also carries certifications as a massage therapist, aromatherapist, herbalist, master gardener, and registered yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance). Mary Beth writes the, "Ask the Organic Beauty Expert", column for Organic Spa Magazine and has authored six books, including her most recent: Pleasure Healing: Mindful Practices and Sacred Spa Rituals for Self Nurturing (New Harbinger). She’s working on her newest book titled, Raise Your Spiritual Footprint: A Yogic Perspective. She has been intimately involved with the development and launch of several health and organic-focused beauty companies. Mary Beth serves clients in both the health care and beauty realms. She’s a trained hospice volunteer, and believes strongly in the idea of having a “good” and an “Eco” death. Mary Beth and her German shepherd are also a trained therapy dog team. A deep ecologist, and organic activist through and through, Mary Beth serves on the board of Biovision2020, an organization devoted to safe food for one and all. Mary Beth is the proud recipient of both the L.E.O. and Rocco Bellino awards for excellence in education.

    Here are a few of the endorsements for Mary Beth’s work: ”Pleasure Healing is a joy to read. I can think of no greater compliment than to say I’d like to have written it myself! Mary Beth has given those in search of a healthier, more fulfilling life a roadmap that is both inspiring and practical. Turning these pages is a spa journey in itself—a beautiful release from distraction and worry guided by an author who is intuitive and wise.” ~Deborah Szekely, cofounder of the famed Rancho La Puerta Spa and founder of the Golden Door Spa.

 “A passionate look at appreciating and enhancing inner and outer beauty. Mary Beth’s insight into integrating beauty and wellness is unique and refreshing, and her nurturing rituals and practices will help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul". ~Deepak Chopra, M.D. about Radiant Beauty: Your Healthy and Organic Guide to Total Body Well-Being.

“Mary Beth Janssen is always a wonderful read, enlightening you to a much fuller and healthier lifestyle". ~Vidal Sassoon about Body of Knowledge: a Beauty and Wellness Professionals Guide to Self Care Naturally Healthy Hair

"I highly recommend Mary Beth's holistic and skilled approach". ~Christiane Northrup, M.D. about Naturally Healthy Hair: Herbal Treatments and Daily Care for Fabulous Hair

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Program Description

    The following subjects are modular in nature, therefore well-suited for combining to create a customized program.

 Mindbody Health: Wholeness in Mind, Body, and Spirit

As beauty and wellness professionals, we understand that true wellness is directly related to how we nurture mind, body, spirit and environment. Become a true nurturer of self and others through mindful thought and action.
Learn How:
•Practices and methods that can transform stress into balance, helping you on your path toward wholeness in your professional and personal life.
•How to stimulate the flow of prana and clear energy blocks.
•Meditative and healing breath techniques along with healing movement including yoga.
•How to optimize your nutrition, and sensory modulation techniques including aroma, sound, touch, and color therapies.
•An emotional cleansing technique that can help you in processing your emotions.
•How developing a daily routine that honors natural rhythms will optimize energy levels, digestive, absorptive, and eliminative processes, decision making, and creativity/intuition.

Fulfilling Your Dharma Dharma

This session is all about getting our head and hearts in the right place to realize our divine calling and our right livelihood as beauty and wellness professionals. When we come from this place of heightened consciousness, we enjoy an expansiveness, exhilaration, and enhanced creativity in our chosen work. We begin to fulfill our dharma by taking exquisite care of the care-giver...that is, ourselves.
Learn How:
•To know who you really are—and why you’re here.
•To work from the heart and practice compassion.
•To see your work as a “calling,” or right livelihood.
•To have a servant heart. The karma yoga perspective.
•To nurture abundance and a “prosperity consciousness.

Stress Less

Think you have a handle on the stress in your own personal and professional sphere of influence? Working all day with a packed-tight schedule, interaction with a wide variety of personality types and energies, moving your body through a wide range of postures and the possibility of compromised nutrition can have a dramatic impact on one's mindbody physiology and energy levels. It is critical to optimize whole brain, heart, neurological, endocrine, metabolic, and immune system functioning
Learn How:
•Stress can be toxic and at the root of a variety of chronic and debilitative disease.
•To differentiate between positive and negative stress.
•To identify the stressors that you come into contact with.
•To powerfully diffuse stress physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.
It is critical to optimize whole brain, heart, neurological, endocrine, metabolic, and immune system functioning. There is much talk these days of the healing power of meditation. It can help you tap into your unlimited potential, allowing you to become the best that you can be. It can bring greater clarity to everything you do, helping you to respond positively instead of reacting mindlessly. It is also proven to help overcome addictive or self-destructive behaviors. Join us in this life-altering session, where a variety of contemplative techniques will be explored.
Learn How:
•Meditation allows us to commune with our inner self where we can get a glimpse of our soul. On a practical level, meditative activities will re-wire the brain to better handle stress.
•Meditation is proven to quiet down the overactive mind, create brain wave coherence, lower blood pressure, slow down the heartbeat, and calm the central nervous system. 
•To carve out a small bit of time everyday to be in silence; this allows us to make more life affirming choices, and more readily live a life that is in balance.
•A variety of contemplative approaches, including mindfulness meditation, creative visualization, positive affirmations, breathing practices and moving meditation.
•An emotional cleansing technique that can help you in processing your emotions.

The Breath of Life: Your Primer on Healing Breath

We’ll practice a variety of breathing techniques for their calming, soothing, and enlivening benefits to the mind and body. Across the board, holistic and naturopathic physicians will prescribe deep, diaphragmatic breathing as one of the most dynamic ways to stop the flow of stress hormones through the body. Many beauty and wellness professionals use healing breath to diffuse stress and also share this healing therapy with their clients.
Learn How:
•To oxygenate your blood sending nutrients from your optimized diet to the sixty trillion cells in your body, including the brain for enhanced clarity and creativity.
•To optimize all bodily functions--cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, metabolic--and the functioning of the lymph system.
•To help tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, providing an instant and deeply calming effect.
•To release joy-inducing endorphins and help control depression.

Become a Physical Activist

Our bodies love to move! Yet we as a society have become adverse to "getting a move on." This is reflected in our sky-rocketing health care problems/costs. In this experiential seminar, we’ll explore simple physical practices that can transform stress into balance for the body, mind and emotions. This enhances joy, passion, creativity and longevity in this, our chosen profession. These practices can easily be done in work and home environments.
Learn How:
•We can dramatically benefit our physicality and our energy levels by understanding the importance of "conditioning" our bodies for the work that we demand of it.
•To appreciate the joy of how a strong, fit, and healthy body feels can indeed be exhilarating.
•Physical activity is a great stress buster, and a mood enhancer.
•The key aspects of physical fitness will include a well rounded program of cardio, weight bearing, and flexibility exercises or movements.
•To “psych” yourself—and see how “mindfulness in motion” is an integral part of your self care program.
•Movement therapies such as walking, yoga and Pilates can become a key part in your becoming a physical activist.
•To integrate movement that matters throughout your workday. Ie: yoga stretches, mini-pauses, ergonomically correct postures, etc.

Come dressed comfortably.
**Please note: This class can include a full mat yoga session, upon request. Ask for the details.

Ergonomics: Ergo-who?

Proper body mechanics, posture and positioning can go a long way toward enhancing productivity and longevity, whatever the profession. Latin for "the laws of work", ergonomics refers to the way in which we "fit our job to our bodies instead of our bodies to our job". This can have a huge impact on our musculoskeletal system--and in turn our mindbody health.
Learn How:
•To prevent cumulative trauma disorders (CTD’s) that may affect the beauty and wellness professional. Ie: bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ruptured discs, varicose veins and arthritis.
•To fit your job to your body, instead of your body to your job.
•To work with keen attention paid to the positions we place our body as interacting with our clients within a finite environment. Also, how we utilize the tools of our trade.
•To integrate stretches, movement therapies, mini-pauses into your workday.

Come dressed comfortably.

Nourishing Wisdom

Join us for an eye-opening session on nutrition, where you'll learn how we become the food that we eat.
Learn How:
•Nutrition involves the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of eating.
•Optimizing your nutrition will affect your energy, metabolism and moods.
•How eating well begins with our mindfulness.
•Key aspects of optimizing your nutrition.
•How to do away with a “diet mentality.” See eating as a sacred act.
•How to eat optimally in the work place, and beyond.

Come Back to Your Senses

Human beings, by nature, are sensualists. The “pleasure healing” that is possible through the senses can be valuable for the beauty and wellness professional as well as their clientele.  This seminar also provides an overview of marketing and retailing opportunities related to the various therapies covered.
Learn How:
•Heightened sensory awareness and modulation is key in mindbody health,  including the healing arts of massage, color, aroma,  sound and nutritional therapies.
•The senses are the gateways to our consciousness. That which we taste, smell, see, touch, and hear can profoundly impact our ability to be grounded and balanced.
•Experiencing pleasure, joy, serenity, exhilaration, etc. through the senses, we can more closely commune with our inner self.
•These practices can be brought into your professional and personal “space".

Be a Beauty Athlete!

We are beauty athletes! In a typical workday, we use every bit of our physicality. Often working within a tightly packed schedule, we interact with so many different personalities. This session wool help you to condition and exercise your mindbody to be in the best shape possible.
Learn How:
•Setting powerful intentions to better care for yourself can help you to exquisitely care for your cherished beauty clientele.
•To be as energetically and creatively present for your last client of the day as you were for your first.
•Relationships are more vibrant when we feel the joy in our chosen work.
•Mindful eating and gentle yoga stretches will “condition” our bodies to go the distance, over our work day and over our career.
•Good nutrition and healing movement provide us with positive energy, vitality, and stamina.

It Is Easy…Being Green: Sustainability for Beauty, Business and Planet

Yes, you can conduct business and be eco-fabulous at the same time, so get your green on! The sustainability movement is one of the most dynamic and urgent of our time, permeating all areas of our lives. With “global warming” and its repercussions for all of life hanging in the balance, it’s time for each one of us to step up to the plate! Take responsibility for your “ecological footprint” in your personal and professional lives. “Pollution begins at home” and “Think globally, act locally,” ring truer than ever. Join us for this primer on how to joyfully go green in business and beyond.
Learn How:
•How planetary well-being is directly linked to our wholeness/wellness.
•How “conscious care” and making “green values” part of your vision/mission statement can transform your business and your world.
•A working definition of “green", “green-washing", sustainability, and organic. What these terms are, and are not.
•Taking a “green” or sustainability audit of your business/environment.
•Sustainability management and systems. This includes intention/education, design, natural resources, environmentally conscious products and protocols.

This seminar is for all entrepreneurial, beauty and wellness professionals who would like to learn organic and earth-friendly principles for conducting their business.

The Yoga of Business Ethics: Applying the Yamas and Niyamas to your Business

 In business, we may continually be faced with situations that call for fair judgment, strong character and right-minded decisions. In the eight-step path to joyful living that is yoga, the first two steps are the Yamas and Niyamas. These together constitute the moral and ethical aspects of yoga philosophy and practice. They are paramount in establishing one’s personal ethics and can be every bit as helpful in establishing ones’ professional ethics. Their wisdom brings value and stability into our decisions. When we embrace these principles, all our endeavors, both worldly and spiritually, will open up to the infinite possibilities. A brief discussion of the other six steps in the eight-fold path will be shared in order to provide the context for the Yamas and Niyamas. This seminar will explore how these principles can be applied practically in the real world.

The following are a selection of specialized programs:

Perfect Health: A Ten Hour Curriculum Workshop

As a beauty and wellness professional, are you vitally aware that real beauty begins with health, and that true wellness is directly related to how we nurture mind, body and spirit? In this ten hour curriculum workshop we explore this concept in-depth. This program is steeped in Ayurveda along with the most cutting edge Mindbody Science.
Learn How:
•To restore vitality and balance for greater personal potential
•To access your inner resources for learning, growing and healing.
•To awaken your body’s healing power to overcome stress and illness.
•To integrate ancient wisdom and scientific discoveries for self-transformation.

Perfect Health includes the following lessons:

Lesson One: Body, Mind, and Soul—The Multidimensional Life

•Explore the reality that lies beyond your current beliefs about health and well-being.
•Develop an understanding of your unique body type.
•Learn one of the most powerful techniques to reduce stress and fatigue and increase mental clarity, (mindfulness meditation).

Lesson Two: Nourishment for Body, Mind, and Soul—Food as Medicine

•Identify which foods create optimal energy and health.
•How you eat is as important as what you eat.
•Honor your body’s internal signals and use the best resources of nourishment to restore balance, improve digestion and transform unwanted habits.

Lesson Three: Perpetual Renewal—Detoxification, Purification, and Rejuvenation

•Learn to listen to your body to achieve optimal health.
•Understand how the cycles of nature influence your physical and emotional well-being.
•Eliminate toxins from your life through timely nutrition, exercise and meditation.
•Perform a daily self-massage to release healing chemicals into your physiology.

Lesson Four: Emotional Freedom—Intimacy with Your Self

•Use your heart as well as your mind to make insightful choices and accurate life decisions.
•Learn how to sharpen your intuition and inner wisdom.
•Examine the layers that make up your human experience. Experience an emotional cleansing process to release accumulated toxins.

Lesson Five: The Five Gateways to The Inner Pharmacy—Metabolizing Sensory Experience

•Life is an interplay between the environment and ourselves. Our senses are the gateways through which we experience the world.
•Enliven your senses by identifying which sounds, tastes, aromas and colors can balance and heal.

This workshop includes a Perfect Health Workbook/Journal.

An Introduction to Ayurveda

An ever-growing number of spas, wellness centers and yoga studios are now using Ayurvedic therapy services.
Learn How:
•The foundation of this holistic life science, which strives toward wholeness in mind, body, spirit and environment, can be achieved through self-knowledge.
•Determining our unique mindbody energy type helps us enact the most life-affirming techniques to create balance.
•To use meditation, yoga, and healing breath techniques along with nutrition/herbal therapy, and sensory therapies.
•How this knowledge helps us personalize treatments for our beauty/wellness guests.

Hatha Yoga: With Mary Beth Janssen

Yoga means union or “weaving” together of body, mind and spirit. Yoga has now become an integral part of spa culture. In this gentle hatha yoga session,
Learn How:
•Yoga can serve as a valuable practice in reducing stress and achieving balance.
•Yoga can enhance mindfulness, activate prana, the life force energy, quiet an overactive mind, and calm the nervous system.
•Yoga's gentle movements are an ideal way to improve balance, flexibility, postural irregularities, and strength.
•To integrate yoga classes into your salon or spa environment.

Who can attend: This session is for everyone, regardless of age, body type or yoga experience. Medical conditions require the consent of a physician. Modifications of asanas/postures will be given for different levels of flexibility.
What to bring: Wear comfortable non-binding clothing. If a mat session, bring your own yoga mat, or a large beach towel. Also feel free to bring a belt or yoga strap.
Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the start time. It is recommended that you practice on an empty stomach to optimize your experience.

**Please note: The yoga session can be adapted for a groups specific needs—whether a full mat session or seated chair yoga postures.