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June 2011


Introducing an end to curling drop outs, disasters and disappointments.  Introducing the revolutionary new TwiddleStic from Doll - where everlasting curls are no longer make believe.

TwiddleStic is a brand new concept and the brain child of Oliver Sunderland, son of Gary Sunderland - the award winning British hairdresser.  The revolutionary curling rod is designed to work with straightening irons to create perfect curls that last and last and last – until you wash them out in fact! 

And they’re healthier and less harmful to hair than just using a straightening iron or tong on its own.  The TwiddleStic’s unique CoolCurl™ heat absorbing technology cools the hair while it curls, creating long lasting curls in excellent condition.  This leaves naturally shiny, bouncy, defined hair, with absolutely no need for hair products to set in the curl. There is no other product anywhere in the world that can achieve the same finish as the TwiddleStic.

How does it work? It’s easy – it’s just WRAP, TWIDDLE and SLIDE:

  • WRAP - Simply take a section of hair and wrap it around and down the TwiddleStic, keeping the hair close together
  • TWIDDLE - Apply heat with straightening irons for 3-4 seconds to all the hair on the TwiddleStic. Rotate the TwiddleStic backwards and forwards as you go
  • SLIDE - Slide out the TwiddleStic to reveal perfect curls and shine. It’s easy.

The Twiddle Stic is available in 3 sizes to create any size of incredible, long lasting healthy curls.  Bouncy Belle gives soft curls and LA waves, Lucy Locks creates spiral curls and salon hair and Twisted Tallulah provides tight curls and catwalk looks.

And Doll will be launching more products that bring hair to life throughout 2011, including straightening irons, brushes and a wets range. 

Like all the best fairytales, this one is very real!  Take a trip to for more.

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Further information (notes to editors)

Who is Gary Sunderland?  A prominent figure in the professional hairdressing industry for over 30 years, Gary has owned a number of salons in the north of England and as a professional stylist and salon owner he has worked with the major professional companies in the industry.  This includes Wella Professional as a guest presenter, presenting educational classes on 'The best of British Cutting Courses', Sebastian Professional  as a SDA (Sebastian Design Artist) working and travelling internationally to educate and demonstrate hairdressing techniques and product knowledge, and he is currently a guest educational presenter at the L'Oreal Professional academy in London.

Gary was a finalist for the BHA's (British Hairdressing Awards) for 2 years running in 2006-2007 and is the only international judge for the prestigious NAHA's (North American Hairdressing Awards) each July In Las Vegas. He works internationally as a platform artist demonstrating and educating on the international stage at industry events and his work appears in many of the international trade magazines.

He is now helping his son realise the value in his IP protected products being delivered to the professional trade with Doll Hair Care limited.

How fishing has saved curls.  The TwiddleStic was invented during a father and son fishing trip.  Gary Sunderland and son Oliver were fishing a lake near their home, in Wakefield in the north of England, when Oliver lost a large fish and watched as the line sprang back and twisted around the end of his rod.

Being slightly aggrieved at losing the prize fish, Oliver threw his rod down and went for a walk around the lake to calm down.  It was a hot summer day and when he returned to his pitch, his carbon fishing pole had heated up in the sun.  When Oliver pulled the twisted line from the end of the pole the nylon fishing line had curled to the exact diameter of the pole section it had twisted around.

Now with most people this would have ended as a rather typical and largely uninteresting fishing story.  Not Oliver Sunderland.  Intrigued by the effect the combination of heat and carbon had had on his now perfectly curled line, and with the nature of his father’s business foremost in his mind he went to work on proving the theory he had just discovered. 

He cut down an end section of one of his father’s fishing poles, wrapped some hair from a doll’s head, around the carbon pole and applied heat to it from a hair straightener. 

Theory proven, he shouted for his Dad:  “I think you better come and look at this", being the immortal words Gary remembers:

“At first I was fuming that he had cut up my most expensive fishing rod”, recalls Gary. “But when he showed me what he’d discovered, I knew he was onto something special”.

So, how dya like them apples, Newton?

The result is a new product that isn’t just a minor evolution, but a revolution in an area of haircare that has consistently let down its consumers.  Curls.   The look that everyone wants, but can never achieve, or rather never lasts.

After a full patent search process, it’s now an internationally patented product and is set to take the world by storm.

So how does the Twiddle Stic work?  It’s a wonderfully simple piece of technology that will change curls forever.  It’s just WRAP, TWIDDLE, SLIDE.

All hair curls with heat.  But when straighteners or curling tongs are used directly on hair they transmit intense heat directly into the hair thus removing all the moisture, and damaging it.

Wrapping hair around a TwiddleStic allows the user to get the perfect curl wrap before applying heat.

Once the hair is wrapped, heat is then applied to the hair around the TwiddleStic with a straightening iron and the TwiddleStic is rotated backwards and forwards to set the curls.

The TwiddleStic instantly absorbs the heat applied to the hair from the iron, keeping the moisture content in the hair and cooling it down during the process.  And, because the TwiddleStic doesn’t get hot it allows the user to wrap the hair for the desired curl without the risk of burning their fingers.

The cuticle is smoothed and curled exactly to the profile of the TwiddleStic being used. Hair then slides off the TwiddleStic completely cool, even when using a high heat hair iron.

The result?   Curls are defined like never before. The cuticle is smooth and polished in the desired curl and all new growing hair or layers are exactly curled to the desired shape.  No other product on the market can achieve this.

The hair is curled with CoolCurl™ heat absorbing technology, making curls last far longer without product needed to SET in the curl.  The curls never drop and last as long as you require.  And with 3 different sizes of TwiddleStic creating 3 different styles there’s something for every occasion.

What about the brand?Gary and Oliver Sunderland realised they were onto something and knew they wouldn’t stop at one product no matter how special that product would become. So a brand needed to be created that would not only reflect the special nature of the first product, but be true across a potentially massive range of similarly special haircare products to come.

Dollwas born. Capturing the magic, the fairytale, the enduring image of a toy that every girl in the world has brought to life through their own individual style of play.  And now a haircare brand that in turn promises to bring hair to life.  And it’s already got some rather influential friends.  Clive Arrowsmith, world renowned fashion photographer and Gary Cockerill, make up artist to the stars, volunteered their services to produce the beautiful campaign images for the Doll Twiddle Stic.

What’s next for Doll? Watch out for new straightening irons, curlers, carbon brushes, a wets range and many more exciting products that will bring hair to life. 

And the fairytale finish?  Doll hails from Leeds, England and more specifically, Beechwood House, which just happens to be the ancestoral home of the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.  And fairytales don’t get any bigger than that now do they?

For more information, please contact Gary Sunderland on +44 7767  411 785 or Bonnie Bonadeo on 877-319-2403.


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