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Having spent over four decades toiling her craft and perfecting her skills, Sharon Blain is one of the most lauded hairdressers and educators in the world today. Her outstanding talents have been rewarded by winning Hair Expo Australia’s Educator of the Year title four times and honoured with Hair Expo Australia's Hall of Fame Award.

Sharon Blain's Bio

Sharon’s innovative and unique long hair dressing styling covers the full spectrum from stunning bridal and celebrity red carpet hair styling to editorial and extreme but beautiful avant-garde dressing.

Rarely can a hairstylist claim credits for such a wide range of competition achievements; recognised for her exceptional creativity through stunning photographic imagery that has been published world wide; or captured the hearts of her students globally as a respected educator and mentor.

Sharon's scope of diverse skills and unique hairdressing techniques has earned her the respect as an exceptional teacher. She has developed an industry first educational app, LongHairHow2 and a range of educational resources that includes long hair books, DVDs and hair padding which are used extensively as training tools for Colleges and Academies worldwide.
Sharon Blain’s Boot Camp has been hailed as the best value and most compressive short course offered in the world today and has attracted leading international platform educators, Hollywood celebrity stylists, Europe's leading creative teams, top American TV celebrity hairdressers as well as the best bridal, make-up and session stylists in the business who have experienced this phenomenon. They are shouting loud with praise about the content, professionalism and creativity of this unique educational experience.

Respect and longevity sets her apart along with a desire to leave a legacy that continues to ignite passion within the hearts of our future generations for years to come.

Winner 2014 Hair Expo Business Performance of the Year, Boot Camp
Winner 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009 Hair Expo Educator of the Year
Winner 2009, 2008 Goldwell ColorZoom Challenge
Winner 2008 Hair Expo Photographic Collection of the Year
Winner 2006 Global Salon Business Award, Barcelona
Winner 531 State and National Competitions Awards
Finalist 2012,2009,2006,2005,2004,2003,1996 Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year
Finalist 2013, 2012, 2007, 2006 Hair Expo Educator of the Year
Finalist 2009, 2008, 2004 Hair Expo Best Photographic Year of the Year
Finalist 2011 Hair Expo Business Performance of the Year
Finalist 2010 Hair Expo Entrepreneur of the Year
Finalist 2008, 2006, 2005 Hair Expo Salon Marketing
1996 Hair Expo Hall of Fame

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Program Description

3 Day Course with Sharon Blain and her Education Team

Let the learning begin. World acclaimed long hair artist Sharon Blain has an innovative long hair program for twenty 15. Each day is a different subject.

This three day hands on workshop will cover a variety of the latest braiding techniques, how to create sexy waves in minutes, stunning curls and bridal styling for 2015.

Elevate your career as a session stylist, bridal stylist or celebrated salon stylist when you book these action filled days. Aspire to be the hairdresser you wish to be. Book and secure your spot now as this innovational 2015 styling program is sure to fill fast.

This three day course is conducted personally by Sharon.

Lunches are included. A receipt plus full course details will be sent to you when you book. All students who complete this course will receive a Graduation Certificate.

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Course Format

Day One: Waves. Create luxury red carpet waves and learn how to achieve stunning curls using a variety of tongs, clips and setting methods. Skill and techniques is the key ingredient needed to successfully achieve "on trend" runway curls, texture and retro vintage waves. In one day you will learn every trick necessary to achieve striking luxurious, long lasting curls and waves for every event.

Day Two: Braids. Braids are the basis of many soft textured hair styles worn by celebrities today. Waterfall, four strands, fishtails, plus an additional selection of the most in-demand braids will be taught t in this one day session. Once perfected, see how simple it is to turn your new knowledge into beautiful up do's in no time at all. Whether it’s a fun, sassy formal style or an edgy red carpet event, there is a style for all occasions when incorporating intricate braids into your dressed hair styling.

Day Three: Brides. This course is a must for bridal stylists wanting to update and explore the latest bridal trends. In this hands on workshop students will learn simple, quick and effective looks that will offer brides a variety of beautiful ideas from the traditional to contemporary wedding hair, designed to complement the most intricate wedding gown. Learn the hottest bridal ideas from retro styling through to the ultimate glamorous bridal hair.


4 Day Course with Sharon Blain and The Art of Hair Education Team


4 day intensive world class program, involving hands on workshop combined with an extensive tutorial format.

Take your styling and hair skills to a new level.This ultimate four day inspirational Boot Camp is delivered by world recognized hair artist, Sharon Blain and her team. Over the four days you will learn how to wave, curl, set, braid, and blow dry and to do a variety of exciting hair looks ranging from stunning classics, textured, session, runway, photographic and session styling.Learn all the secrets and tips from this award winning tutor. Elevate your career in session work, styling bridal, celebrity hair and ignite your creativity now. This course is suitable for assistants, stylists and makeup artists.

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All participating students will get their own Doll's Head plus a mini styling kit, styling notes and products. Lunch is included. A receipt plus full course details will be sent to you when you book. All students who complete this course will receive a Graduation Certificate.

Course Format

  • Hair preparation, finger waves, pin curls, roller setting, creative tongs, curls, blow drying and waves.
  • Fundamentals of long hair design and elements of design. Learn how to create the perfect polished classical styles including chignons and various classic shapes.
  • Bridal: explore the world of beautiful bridal hair including a variety of popular braids incorporated into stunning romantic looks for the 2015 wedding season.
  • Red Carpet: contemporary hair dressing for special events, editorial shoots and constructing looks from the latest runway shows.
  • Photography: learn secrets behind developing a winning photographic collection. Discover simple and time effective ideas to perfect your photographic images.