Tracey Hughes

Tracey Hughes

"Australian Educator of the Year"

Topics: Business, Hair

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Tracey Hughes is a unique individual and a true icon in the hairdressing industry who believes continuous learning is the key to a rewarding and progressive career

Tracey Hughes's Bio

She believes continual learning
is the key to a rewarding and progressive career.
Beginning her career in the UK in 1986, she later
migrated to Australia, successfully establishing Mieka
Hairdressing and Tracey Hughes Education.

As the most recognized and awarded educator in
industry history globally, Tracey has headlined the
most outstanding industry events and regularly
presents education tours across Australia, New
Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China,
Korea, India, South Africa, Mexico, Sweden, Dubai,
UK, Russia and the USA.

A trendsetter, Tracey has collaborated with fashion’s
elite as a Hair Director at Australian Fashion Week
and seasoned stylist at New York Fashion Week.
A popular advisor to the media she contributes as
a columnist to consumer and trade publications.
Tracey’s striking photographic images have been
published worldwide, gracing countless front covers.
A dynamic public speaker Tracey has inevitably
become a role model for women in business,
appearing on TV throughout the USA and Asia.
Tracey’s reputation has sparked interest in her
outside of the hairdressing industry as a Keynote
Motivational Speaker and MC Host for numerous
major events.

With a passion for education, and bringing out
the best in others, Tracey’s commitment has been
acknowledged through many awards including:
Educator of the Year, Excellence in Education,
Hairdresser of the Year, Colourist of the Year, Salon
of the Year and the coveted Honoree Australian

A mentor, an educator, a keynote speaker, a
columnist, a business owner, a hair director and a
stylist, Tracey leaves no stone unturned to bolster her
own experience.

An avid believer that education empowers not only
hairdressers but can ignite a passion in anyone,
Tracey has a rare gift for inspiring others.

Fees and Availability

Please contact for fees and availability or call 877.319.2403. 

Program Description

Classic Cutting

An introduction course to systemized technical cutting. Acquire a firm foundation and knowledge in precision cutting and gain a greater understanding to boost your confidence! Develop effective commercial client based skills to take back with you to the salon.

 You will learn:

  • Cutting Methodology
  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Hands on Workshops


Creative Cutting

Strengthen your technical knowledge in precision cutting! Creative sectioning patterns with contemporary techniques will help to extend creativity to suit your clientele, producing effective salon results. Get fresh inspiration and trends from one of the industry’s leading educators.

You will learn:

  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Hands on Workshops

Colour Catalyst

  • Latest colour trends and inspiring colour formulas
  • Diverse creative colouring techniques and placement
  • Complement shapes with effective colouring methods

3 Days

  • Intensive cutting class for experienced stylists
  • Creative sectioning patterns with advanced cutting techniques
  • Insight into researching and utilising new upcoming trends

Morph Bootcamp
5 Days

  • Artists Sharon Blain + Tracey Hughes ‘Morph’ together
  • Capture a fusion of cut, colour + styling skills in an intense handson class
  • Bespoke coaching from a unique collaboration of renowned educators
  • Educator: Tracey Hughes and Sharon Blain


Bespoke Branding

  • How to develop your own unique brand identity
  • Develop marketing strategies to boost your brand
  • Create consistency in your message andimage to consumers

Clever Consultations

  • How to communicate with simple steps for effective results
  • Key questioning skills for successful outcomes
    • How to grow a productive salon business
    • Building blocks to boost your business
    operational systems
    • Empower your team into productivity and
    consistencyBoost greater sales, profits and client retention

Rewarding Retailing

  • How to boost retail sales and increase turnover
  • Maximising purchasing, emotions and communication skills
  • Create a winning mindset to develop a confident retail story

Expert Education

  • How to develop your own training system and education culture\
  • Structure and implement training programs and design schedules
  • Conceptual education plans to empower and motivate your team

Team Tonic

  • How to build a motivated team culture through encouraging leadership
  • Create progressive practices and resolutions to produce consistency
  • Enlist your team into the ideation of a vision to build loyal momentum